The organization is committed to ensuring that all scholars have the means to attend the conference. No scholar shall be turned away due to finacial restraints.

The Organizing Committee of the Conference on Iroquois Research is happy to announce that, once again, scholarships will be made available to its participants. A total of 4 scholarships worth up to $500.00 each have been set aside to assist those who require financial assistance. It is thanks to donations and events like the Silent Auction that these scholarships are available. We want to thank everyone for their generous contributions. The scholarships are divided into two categories:

The Ernest and Salli Benedict
Memorial Student Scholarship

This scholarship is named for Mohawk educator and North American Indian Traveling College founder Ernest Benedict (1918-2011), and his daughter, educator and cultural historian Salli Benedict (1954-2011).

The Mary Druke Becker
Memorial Research Scholarship

This scholarship is named for Iroquois Indian Museum board member and Iroquoian Studies scholar, Mary Druke Becker (1951-2006). She was the organizer of the Conference on Iroquois Research for many years. The scholarships will be awarded to independent or community scholars without institutional funding.


Deadline: September 1st

For additional information, specifically about scholarships,
please contact Scholarship Coordinator: Terry Abrams